Avalon Christmas Decorating Contest WINNERS

Avalon Master Holiday Decorating Contest

Deck the halls and light the lights! The Avalon Master’s Holiday Decorating Contest is underway, and we want to see your most festive and jolly holiday displays this side of the nuthouse!

Homeowners can participate in one of three categories:

Traditional, Theme and Griswold.

Gift cards will be awarded to winners in each category!

 First, second and third place will be awarded in each category with prizes of $100 (1st), $75 (2nd) and $50 (3rd) presented.


1st – 14318 Camelot House Way
2nd – 12934 Silbury Hill Way
3rd – 12827 Milton Road

1st – 12953 Silbury Hill Way
2nd – 13028 Avon Cross Way
3rd – 12807 Thames

1st – 14376 Liverpool
2nd – 12985 Silbury Hill Way
3rd – 12803 Milton Road