Pool Information

Avalon of Fishers­ Pool Rules

Pool season is set to start Saturday May 25, 2024 and runs through September 15, 2024.  Pool hours are Sunday through Thursday from 10am – 8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am – 9pm.

Below you’ll find a copy of the pool rules. Please read over these rules carefully. Should you violate these rules you and your party may be asked to leave and subsequent pool use may be restricted or terminated for the remainder of the pool season.

If you have lost your pool fob the replacement fee is $25 that can be made payable to the “Avalon Master Association” and mailed to our address. If you need a replacement or you have not received a pool fob please email pool@avalonoffishers.com.

Avalon Master Association Pool Rules

  1. Lifeguards ARE provided ONLY for the primary pool facility. However, all persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk. Homeowners and guests are expected to obey the direction of lifeguards at all times.
  2. The wading pool is for those four years and under and only when accompanied by an adult.
  3. An adult must accompany children under the age of fourteen.
  4. NO diving allowed.
  5. The lifeguard has the authority to determine whether a particular floating device is suitable for use in the pool based on safety considerations and the overall pool environment. Devices that are excessively large, inflatable rafts, or those that obstruct the lifeguard’s line of sight may be restricted for safety reasons. Parents or guardians should supervise their children using floating devices and ensure they are used appropriately and in accordance with the lifeguard’s instructions.
  6. Only swimsuits may be worn into the water. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers or plastic/rubber pants.
  7. Showers must be taken before entering the water.
  8. Persons having infectious diseases, open sores, bandages, cuts or recent vaccinations must not enter the pool area.
  9. NO food or drink shall be permitted in the immediate area of the swimming pool, or the deck surrounding the pool.
  10. NO glass containers or other breakable objects are allowed in the pool area.
  11. Absolutely no running, rough play, spitting, dunking or use of foul language will be tolerated in or around the facility.
  12. During lifeguard safety breaks, all persons must exit the large pool.
  13. Please be considerate of other residents when inviting guests to use the amenities. A maximum of 4 guests per family at any one time is allowed in the pool. The resident must have a valid credential and must accompany all guests.
  14. NO animals of any kind are allowed in the pool area.
  15. Each household will be given physical credentials (key fob or card) to enter the pool area. Residents may not enter the pool area without possession of a valid credential. Patrons shall not admit any individual without valid credentials to the pool area.
  16. Lost credentials will be charged a $25.00 fee for each replacement. Once a resident has asked for replacement credentials, all previously registered credentials will be deactivated.
  17. All patrons shall refrain from engaging in any behavior that constitutes a public nuisance or interferes with the duty of lifeguards.
  18. Failure to follow any of the rules set forth here, posted at the various pools, or verbal direction from lifeguards will result in dismissal from the pool and suspension of pool privileges.
  19. Members that have unresolved covenant violations or delinquent account balances may have their pool access restricted consistent with the covenants.